Atheist Dog

Brian: dog, intellectual and now atheist.

I love Family Guy!


Nigerian Car Stealing Goat

Police in Nigeria held a goat after a vigilante group reported that an armed criminal used black magic to turn himself into the animal.


Psychics given Government funding

This is a pretty sad tale. Giving £4,500 to people who claim that they can talk to the dead. Creating jobs is a good idea, nobody would argue with that. Giving money to two likely frauds to con other people on the other hand is absolutely ridiculous. In the words of one member of the Welsh Assembly: "It is an utter disgrace that taxpayers' money is being wasted and given to an organisation that believes it can teach people how to communicate with the dead."

Incidentally, I can talk to the dead. They never reply though...


Pay as you Pray

Yep, that's right. You can pay for a computer to read out your prayers!

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The Atheist Delusion

Argument from the old book that doesn't provide evidence. Why don't I find this a compelling argument at all?


Another video...

Pat Condell has a bit of a rant about the United Nations trying to ban defamation of religion.

Religion TV Commercial

This fantastic parody pretty sums up what I feel about religion. Except it doesn't get as angry.

The Pope and AIDS

The Pope has suggested that condoms are not the key to preventing AIDS in Africa. In fact he has said they aggravate the crisis.

This is essentially a "do as I do, or die" philosophy. Yes, if people stuck to abstinence before marriage there would be no problem. But there are a large number of people who are not under the delusion that one of the most joyous activities is sinful. Distributing condoms does help, and we must keep doing it.


Dawkins in Oklahoma

What I find most shocking about this is the state legislature trying to censor who can talk to university students - who are more than capable (perhaps uniquely in Oklahoma) be able to listen to an idea and choose whether to adopt it, or not, based upon evidence.