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Loch Ness Monster and the Natural History Museum

Apparently it seems the Natural History Museum, London has an agreement to identify any organisms claiming to be the Loch Ness Monster or the Yeti given them to by bookmakers William Hill.

This may seem pretty trivial, but it has netted the museum some much needed cash, and goes some way to ensuring that unusual finds get to be examined by scientists. Of course I am rather sceptical about the existence of either of these things, but weirder organisms are found on a daily basis in the rainforests and deep seas.

Some Well-known Atheists


Christianity Cartoon

Sell The Vatican, Feed The World

Grammar Failure (Church Sign)

I know many scientists - never have any of them turned into a troop of monkeys. Maybe I'm just looking at the wrong scientists.....

Via whyevolutionistrue: Grammar, Please!

Pat Condell: Wake up, America



Just in case you wanted some images of famous atheists shown alongside a song I really don't like that much...

Silencing Churches

Original article: Church has its hymns silenced by council ban

I'm not really sure this is a good thing. I do like some peace and quiet, and I don't like people singing religious songs in public (at least if the songs are meant to be promoting/supporting a religion - sometimes the songs are quite good when they're not used as a recruiting tool). I once had to sit on a bus with a load of school children singing religious songs. It was made (even) more annoying as I was trying to work!

On the other hand, if you buy a house next to a church......

Noah Joke

Design vs Chance: PZ Myers

A debunking of the complexity argument for intelligent design. Which in PZ Myers opinion, leaves very little of ID left.


O'Reilly vs Dawkins

Dawkins sometimes get accused of being an evangelical atheist. In this interview however he just comes across as the voice of reason. Science classrooms should be full of science. Period.

The interview was meant to be about RD's latest book, The Greatest Show on Earth, a topic deftly missed by O'Reilly. Indeed O'Reilly winds himself up into such a state that he shouts and calls Dawkins a fascist for saying Jesus should stay out of science lessons.

At least we don't get this nonsense in the UK!

Egyptian Fake Hymen Scandal

Original Story: Egyptian lawmakers want to ban fake hymen

I find it kind of sad that a market for this exists at all. It is a bad mixture of a state where male superiority and an anti-female rights religion are elevated on pedestals. It is a great example of why religion and state must be kept separate.

The website of the Chinese manufacturere claims: “No more worry about losing your virginity. With this product, you can have your first night back anytime... Add in a few moans and groans, you will pass through undetectable.”

Would this product have a market if throughout the world people's sex lives were their own personal business and not interfered with by religion or state?

Tolerant Christian of the Week

It's a good job I'm not going to heaven, as I have no intention of spending an eternity with people like this.

The guy on the right just seems to have strung a chain of words he doesn't like together. I'm the sure that most people aren't drunkards all the time, or sodomites, or even necessarily pro-abortion.

Derren Brown: Science Scams - Ghost

If you haven't yet checked out Derren Brown's Science Scams then do so. In this, episode 2, learn about how to create ghostly apparitions.

QuickLink: Americans are fleeing religion as atheism surges

Americans are fleeing religion as atheism surges from Godless in Chicago.
Atheism in America is on the rise, coupled with a greater disregard for the church and its beliefs.

Penn & Teller: Catholicism

"American Catholics have condemned comedians Penn & Teller for launching the most ‘defamatory, obscene and vicious’ attack on the church ever screened on TV." - Chortle

Thankful the Catholic League were kind enough to post the video on their website, from which the below is gratefully borrowed.

'Haunted' Indian Station Reopens

Originally from BBC news: 'Haunted' Indian Station Reopens

All ghost stories are either scams or lies. This one definitely lies in the lies category. Indian railway workers invented a ghost to prevent them having to work at a remote train station. The sad thing is, until just recently, it worked.

Australian Study: Reflexology Doesn't Work

Original article here: No Convincing Evidence Reflexology Works

An extensive review has failed to find good evidence which convincingly demonstrates reflexology (a practice involving applying pressure to, or, massaging feet) is an effective treatment for any medical conditions.

Details of the review, conducted by Dr Edzard Ernst, Director of Complementary Medicine at the Peninsula Medical School in the United Kingdom, were published in theMedical Journal of Australia.

"There is little doubt that a foot massage is pleasantly relaxing, however specific medical claims should always be supported by sound evidence," Dr Ernst said. "