A fresh start?

Well it seems I’ve been a bit lazy recently. I don’t mean that I’ve not been posting enough, I post as and when I have time and I’ve been exceptionally busy recently. Instead I mean that I have not been covering a wide enough range of topics: most of the posts so far have been based on religion. Whilst I am keen on having discussions about atheism I am also keen to tackle over issues, most notably things that fall under the rather large umbrella of ‘pseudo-science’.

I also realise I have been quite lazy in interacting with other people sharing the ‘blogosphere’. So hopefully I will be having more debates and arguments with more people over the next few weeks and months.

So what has caused this feeling of laziness? Well I’ve realised that I would like to communicate some more ideas to other people, and to engage in discussions with other people. Also one of my friends (Felicity!) seems to be pursuing an interest in combining science and the media in some way, and it seems pretty cool. For several years I have been collecting a variety of newspaper cuttings, radio programmes and TV clips about things that interest me, and to be perfectly honest, it’s about time I started drawing on this resource!