Teddy Bear Games

Why is calling a teddy bear Mohammed so different from calling a child Mohammed. I was speaking to a Muslim friend of mine the other day about this, and he said that it did make him feel "slightly uneasy" and that he wouldn't personally want a child's toy named after the prophet.

What I found strange is that my Muslim friend is actually named after the prophet twice, yes he is Mohammed Mohammed.


A Black Person said...

I'm an atheist, but from what I understand people are considered a higher order; (according to Islam) we have souls and can feel the presence of Allah. Toys, in comparison, are mere objects. Naming a male infant Mohammed is a compliment to the prophet, for you think his very name so worthy that you want to bestow it onto your own child. Giving his name to a toy, however, trivializes his name and by extension him as a person and his role in the religion. Just look at it this way: you probably wouldn't name your kid Fido or Spot or Browny, because those are names we usually associate with pets. It would border on insulting to give them to a human. Kinda the reverse with Islam.

Ed said...

I don't know. I once had a cat called Milton, and I don't consider that a disgrace upon the poet.

Doctor Biobrain said...

I think it's just an issue of context. Many Muslims feel powerless and under attack, and so they've got a hair-trigger when it comes to non-Muslims attacking their religion. And this should come as no surprise, as many Christians feel this same way, despite the fact that they're part of a very powerful group that is attacking lots of people. Some people just like to feel like victims and use it as a way to gain power. After all, if they're victims, then their bad acts are merely payback, and therefore not bad.

So these people heard other people expressing outrage at some British woman in their country doing something offensive, and set about like a pack of wolves howling at the moon. The wolves don't know why they're howling. They just do it because the other wolves are doing it. It's your basic pack reflex. You won't see this from people who feel they have control over their lives.