Advertising Religion

I get very, very annoyed by people advertising religion. Last Saturday I was making my way to Hampstead for coffee with a friend when somebody entered the tube carriage I was on and started giving out leaflets. Quickly realising they were of a Christian nature I tried to avoid the man, and firmly, but politely, said my 'no thanks' when offered one. My reward for not starting an argument? A promise that I would burn in hell.

There is also an advert bearing some Bible message at Slough train station, and I do have a strong, but not uncontrollable desire to deface it. Does anybody really read any of this 'literature' and suddenly believe in either a) an imaginary friend, or b) an imaginary friend other than the imaginary friend they already believed in?

Admittedly none of these are quite as annoying as Phil Howard's 'Be a winner, not a sinner' speech that used to plague Oxford Street., but it seems that I am not the only one that gets upset by these things. It seems that the revenge of the atheists might just be on its way, see here and here.


Buffy said...

Of course if you, when they tell you you'll burn in hell, say something equally nasty, you'll get accused of "anti-Christian persecution". They of course are just spreading the Gospel. Is that not ironic?

Psychodiva said...

I tend to collect them and make artwork from them or just light fires or line the cat's litterbox :)

it is annoying thos isn't it? a while back I did a photo project of the religious influences I see on my daily trip to work- there are quite a few but not, I fear as much as in London - it would be good to see what photos you would have from your journey