Lily Cole, Playboy and the Church

It perhaps says a lot that I have only heard of Lily Cole by reading the free-thought media. Turns out she's a British (super)model who has recently posed nude for the French version of Playboy, and also works for that bastion of Britishness, Marks & Spencer.

Apparently, because of her posing for Playboy, an organisation known as Christian Voice has advised everybody to boycott Marks & Spencer. This raises a few issues.

1) Is nudity still that much of a taboo in modern Britain? I assumed that we had grown up and allowed people their own views on the subject, and the right to act on them. If you don't want to see Lily Cole nude, don't go and buy a copy of French Playboy!

2) Where do these issues come from? I would argue religion, nothing else seems to dehumanise the nature of humans as much or as often. The religious notion of nudity being associated with sin is unnecessary in the modern world.

3) What else does this 'Christian Voice' believe in? Head over to their website to be scared! They seem to be homophobic, hate other religions, support the anti-choice movement and generally be lovely people. Thankfully they seem less well funded than some of their US counterparts, as you have to pay for them to send you literature. Which is a shame, as if it was free I would give it a good slating on here!


Unknown said...

I'm an atheist, and I don't agree with you at all. One can make an entirely rational case that promoting the idea of fulfilment through sex and sensuality - an unachievable form of fulfilment for almost all of us - is tremendously harmful to society, principally because it crowds out superior values due to the strength of its appeal to our baser nature.

Ed said...

I would argue that sex and sensuality are not are only pleasurable, but intrinsic to our survival as a species.