Mayor Refuses to judge Halloweeen pumpkins

OK, Halloween is a fraud. There are no dark or evil spirits, just a chance to have fun, increase the rate at which children become obese, and get something tasty off of the old woman who wakes you up to the sound of Radio 4 every morning.

Except that the woman who wakes you up at such an ungodly hour is actually a mental, Halloween-hating Christian. Now the evidence for the dark side and the godly is equally scant, so I can only assume she uses one set of fairytales that encourage murder to stop my childhood self using a different set of fairytales to ask her for chocolate.

In fact she's almost as big a killjoy as the Mayor of Nuneaton, who for religious reasons refused to judge a pumpkin carving competition. We all know Halloween isn't Christian (some of us now Christianity isn't real either) - but as a mayor refusing to do something that pulls your community together is just wrong.

Mayor of Nuneaton
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