The Atheists Nightmare

I try to avoid calling people I have never met stupid, or even ignorant. But sometimes I really have to restrain myself.

The (so called) Atheists' Nightmare is in fact a banana, and the video can be found here. I know this has been lurking around for a while, and it has been debunked many times. But I wanted to include it, and it makes for an interesting post.

Well, I concede that the banana has been designed. It has been selectively bred by humans for thousands of years. In fact a wild banana bears very little resemblance to what you find in the supermarket or green grocers today. Intelligent design? I would say so. Cultivated bananas are much nicer than wild ones. A triumph for Intelligent Design supporters, I'm afraid not (surprise, surprise).

Some of the YouTube guys had a field day with this. I've seen that despite the fact that banana may be well designed, the pineapple and coconut are clearly not.

The IDers came up with another triumph of stupidity. Apparently if evolution is true then every now and then life would spontaneously appear in jars of peanut butter.

I never knew that people could be that stupid.

Of course when this turned out to be nonsense Roy Comfort (the creator of the banana myth) conceded the argument. But why put it out there in the first place?


Unknown said...

I made a post about this, and the video appearing on the relatively new GodTube. I didn't realize anyone had conceded anything though. Good stuff!

Ed said...

I've read he conceded it from several sources, can't find any of them now except Wikipedia.

Baconeater said...

He conceded when interviewed by Hellbound Alleee last year on a few points.

BTW, glad to see you joined the Atheist blogroll.

Not sure if you know how easy it is to put videos directly on your site.
But when you go to the youtube vids, there is a place on the right that says "embed" All you need to do is copy the embed code and paste it in your blog.....that way people don't have to leave your blog to watch the video.

Ed said...

BEAJ - I know you can embed them easily, but when I read blogs I prefer having videos on a separate page so I an scroll through the blog and keep the video visible.

If other people prefer it the other way then I'll do it that way.