Did We Land On The Moon?

Well, I thought I'd trot this one out early one.

There have been many responses to the conspiracy theorists, who seem to doubt that the Americans made it to the lunar surface. The conspiracy theorists case more often than not revolves around alleged problems with the photographs.

Do they really think that if an organisation with the technical expertise and budget of NASA would make mistakes if they forged photographs? They do, after all, have some pretty impressive brains to put together to come up with something.

The nail in the coffin, for me at least, is a comment that was made by a Space Shuttle pilot I had the privilege of meeting. I summarise it here, he was much more eloquent than my paraphrasing.

We must remember that this was at the height of the Cold War 'Space Race,' which saw the USA and the USSR fighting to a number of space travel firsts. Do you really believe that if the USSR had even the slightest doubt that the Americans had landed on the surface of the Moon that they would have kept quiet? Thought not.


Spoony Quine said...

` Ha! Quite true! Nice blog, BTW!

B.N.W.O. said...

Do you find it odd that immediately following the canceling of the apollo program the Soviet Union and America chose to work together? You know, share secrets and such. The apollo-soyuz press conference was hilarious Aleksei Leonov makes a joke about going to Hollywood and becoming an actor then jokes .. I don't want... Tom Stafford want. Ha.