Louis Theroux: The Most Hated Family in America

Louis Theroux is an undoubtedly talented master of documentary making. Indeed I would have found it nearly impossible to make this film.

It follows the Phelps family and what is effectively their church, the Westboro Baptist Church. The family has gained notoriety for protests at the funerals of American servicemen, blaming their deaths on an increasingly homosexual or homosexual tolerating country.

Theroux managed to cut to the heart of the matter. The family and church is led by 'Gramps,' who has a lot of unresolved anger, and a rather novel interpretation of the bible. Those of his children who do not follow his beliefs are disowned. Theroux couldn't even get an answer out of him for the number of children he has had, or has.

The most shocking part, as for Jesus Camp, was the indoctrination of the children. Theroux questioned several of them at a protest while they were holding up banners. One was only four years old and had no concept of tyranny she was supposedly supporting. The fact that the family allow this, and allow children to protest even when they come under fire from missile attacks shows just how sick and twisted the leaders of this cult are.

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geo12 said...

I have to say that the Louis Theroux is amazing,and the family shocking.But i just find it hard,you see the children being indoctrinated and you find it disguisting,but the same kids will have those views when older and will be dispised. Where does the buck stop.I try and believe we all have reason and therefore we are all responsible for our beliefs. But a show like this makes me question this.

Just though i'd let you know what this show made me contemplate.

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