An Update / Carnival of The Godless

Well, it's still well under a month since I started this blog, and already the response is heartening. So far I have had visitors from 26 countries, mainly in Western Europe but also some slightly less unexpected corners of the world. In particular the response in the USA and at home in the UK has been very positive.

There are already a few people coming in from search engines, particularly Google. Technorati has been the main source of incoming links, closely followed by sites on the Atheist Blogroll.

Obviously I'd love you to link here, or to any posts that you find interesting. If you do so drop me an e-mail or a comment and I'll make the effort to have a look through your blog/site and make a few comments.

Also please feel free to make a few more comments, I know that this blog is still in its infancy but I do try and reply to all those where a reply is appropriate. Hopefully the resulting discussions will be of interest to somebody! It's worth noting that although I moderate comments I do this only to remove spam, I have no problem publishing comments which disagree with what I have to say. Open discussion is the way forward.

The final comment is that this blog will host the Carnival of The Godless on the 19th August this year which I am looking forward to already!


Stew said...

How did you get to host the Carnival when you've only been around for a month? Who's palm have you greased you jumped up parvenu? I've been out in the sharp end of atheist blogging for years and no one even talks to me. I'm like those Japanese war vets still out in the jungle - one day someone will tell me: "Didn't you know? Formal religion was abandoned years ago, we're all secular humanists now."
I'm not bitter.

Ed said...

If you don't ask you don't get!

As for the atheist war vets - that might make an interesting idea for a novel!

I glanced over your blog, and am looking forward to having a proper read of it tomorrow when I'm a bit less tired and a bit less busy. It seems pretty damn cool.

DaVinci said...

Hello, nice to meet you.
I stumbled across blogger from Richard Dawkins site where A Babe in the Universe had a link. I am afraid I don't like blogger because of usability issues, (linking is too difficult at least as opposed to Xanga), however I find the people here to be much more interesting than Xanga.
I am in the process of reading Lost Christianities in an attempt to figure out as much as possible how the canon got to be what it is. I don’t think much of my prospects of uncovering truth because it is just too complicated.
That is not sufficient reason for me to fall into the atheist camp though. I think most of the atheist literature these days is completely mean-spirited, and is starting to border on irrelevancy, at least to those of us who follow it with interest. I know that Harris, Dawkins and Hitchens have their axe’s to grind, and that many people are hearing their message for the first time, but it seems that as you become familiar with their writings you start to see that simply presenting a preponderance of evidence dealing with the stupidity of modern Christians isn’t enough to dismiss the belief in God however supernatural it may seem. No, my atheism is based on the lack of any substantial evidence that would not be considered treading on reason, and that properly is called Agnosticism.
When we study the first several hundred years of Christian evolution, it doesn’t take long to realize that other disciplines come in very handy, History, ancient languages, Anthropology, and the like come to mind. Not many folks are going to go through that much trouble to justify their beliefs, especially if it risks those beliefs in doing so.
So until some major discovery comes along that will help with this question, I think I will simply opt for reason.
It really makes me mad that there is so much confusion about this subject, and even madder that I was raised with such a bias.