War Heroes

I haven't said much on my views on war, and the military in general. But I have been getting a bit annoyed with the automatic assumption that 'soldiers are heroes'. I would agree that sometimes some soldiers heroic. At the same time some soldiers are power mad murderers, rapists, homophobes, racists etc.

I found this post which has some arguments that I like, particularly this bit:

"Soldiers are not heroes. They can be heroes, they can act heroically, they can do heroic things - but the act of putting on a uniform and agreeing to put your conscience in a lockbox for the next so many years does not make your life more important than others, it does not make your opinions and insights more worthy of respect than others, it does not exempt you from moral judgment [sic]. It does not make you a hero."


Lotus said...

Thanks for the link.

On another topic, I discovered here the link for the Atheist Blogroll, of which I was unaware.

I'm what I call a quiet atheist in that it’s not something I make a habit of proclaiming and usually only bring up if asked. That, however, doesn't change the fact that I am one so I'll have to think about joining that blogroll.

And thanks again for the link.