Over the next few weeks, months and years I plan to post short articles in defence of reasoned arguments, and in defiance of nonsense. The targets will be many and varied but will, at least at the start, focus on religion and conspiracy (and not always in a mutually exclusive way).

Make of this what you will. I hope that most people will find the commentary, thought processes and ideas interesting. More importantly I hope that readers will understand that reason, and in particular the scientific method are the only way by which we can even begin to comprehend our world.


Vic said...

Howdy - I caught your link on Goosing the Antithesis. Nice work so far. I love when people debunk conspiracy theories almost as much as the garden-variety bad arguments you get from religious apologetics. You're on my blogroll now, and I say that only as a compliment and not an invitation to reciprocate (I'm more into polemics, and I fear what your critical eye would turn up on my blog LOL )