Chastity Ring Ban II

Well it seems theres some more to this story than I have realised, having not read the papers properly for a long time. Apparently Lydia's mother, Heather Playfoot, is a director of Silver Ring Thing (UK) Ltd - which might just be considered as an influence.

And what about the father, Phil? Oh, he's the Parents' Programme Director of, wait for it, Silver Ring Thing (UK) Ltd.

It's been interesting to see some of the views of other 'reason-able' bloggers. One of my favourites was a call for proof of her virginity in court. Others think that Lydia's actions are just over the top.

Some of the fundamentalists across the pond seem to think the whole thing is a disgrace, but for completely opposite reasons than the free thinking.


Psychodiva said...

It is so obvious this is merely a gimick and that the Christian right from the US is trying to get battles going over here- trying to move themselves in- I would like to see all displays of religion in work and school banned and go back to the UK norm of practising religion in private- I hope the courts throw it out and tell the damn Yankke Christian Right to go home.