Chastity Ring Ban

The "chastity ring" that has led to a deluded teenager taking her school to court.

The "Chastity Ring" has proved to be quite a phenomenon across the pond, but surely in the slightly less christian fundamental UK its just an odd curiosity? Well, no, a 16 year old girl Lydia Playfoot, has taken her school to court for not allowing her to wear one, on the basis that it was discriminatory as other girls could wear jewellery that was a fundamental part of their religion.

Since when has wearing a tacky ring been an essential part of Christianity? It is a triviality, in all likelihood an attempt to swell the coffers, or attract impressionable youths to the church by bribery.

I am not against those people who don't believe in sex before marriage, if they believe it is a good idea for a rational reason - as there are rational reasons. There is also a persuasive argument against it. I don't mind which side you favour, as long as you can argue your corner without recourse to imaginary friends.

So surely this case was thrown out? Well no. It is currently being considered by Mr Justice Supperstone and the result is expected in 4-6 weeks. Hopefully the ban will remain in place - and I fully support the Millais School (Horsham, West Sussex) on their bravery in not backing down to the disillusioned.