The Theory of Evolution from Gumtree

"It is not a theory

It is called evolution
who is trying to dilute it into just a theory

It states in natural selection
and survival of the fitest

quite simple concepts even the most simple person can understand
that life adapts to its environment

if the bible is to be taken literally
the world is only 10 000 years old

I know which theory has the most credibility

In science, a theory is a mathematical or logical explanation, or a testable model of the manner of interaction of a set of natural phenomena, capable of predicting future occurrences or observations of the same kind, and capable of being tested through experiment or otherwise falsified through empirical observation. It follows from this that for scientists "theory" and "fact" do not necessarily stand in opposition. For example, it is a fact that an apple dropped on earth has been observed to fall towards the center of the planet, and a theory which explains why the apple behaves so is the general theory of relativity.

the age of the earth can be proven using scientific FACTS that can be proved and reproduced exactly to give the same results.

In common usage, people often use the word theory to signify a conjecture, an opinion, or a speculation. In this usage, a theory is not necessarily based on facts; in other words, it is not required to be consistent with true descriptions of reality. True descriptions of reality are more reflectively understood as statements that would be true independently of what people think about them. In this usage, the word is synonymous with hypothesis.

the age of the world according to the bible is described by this definition of theory perfectly.
and all religion

people who study religion are known as THEOLOGY students


the rest of you
have a GREAT weekend"

Well we could do without people like this vocalising about our cause. Ignoring the rather sloppy structure there are still some horrednous errors in this diatribe.

Evolution is a theory. It happens to have stood the test of time remarkably well, and all experiemntal evidence supports it. It doesn't mean it's totally correct, although the evidence that it is at the present time is overwhelming. Also it is the only theory put forward that matches the evidence. We do not choose between it and an alternative, nobody ahs come up with an equally good alternative.

Also the writer seems to imply that theology is the study of theories. I'm reasonable sure (understatement) that it is in fact the study of theism.

This guy talks as much nonsense as the people is he is trying to put down.