Ben Stein given platform at Vermont

It seems that a certain university has invited Ben Stein to speak. Giving this man a legitimate platform to speak from is clearly ludicrous. So do as PZ and others have done, and write them a letter. PZ even gives the addresses to send them to. I have enclosed my letter below.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been following the story of your decision to invite Ben Stein to talk at your institution. This move is frankly a disgusting insult to the scientists at your institution, as well as scientists the world over (myself included).

To give a man with such views a legitimate voice at an otherwise excellent university is wrong and I find it deeply disturbing.

You are belittling the efforts of your own scientists' work, my work, and the work of everybody else who has made a bona fide contribution to furthering our knowledge of our world.