World's Most Respected People (According to Britain)

It may not be the best poll ever designed but I think it says enough. The top three are as follows.

1) Barack Obama

Good choice, it's great to have someone literate as "leader of the free world" again.

2) Nelson Mandella

Possibly should be at number 1 given his track record, but without doubt a worthy contender.

3) Jade Goody

EPIC FAIL. Britain I want to disown you. Yes, she has cancer and will die. That shouldn't be a reason for somebody whose only reason for fame is (1) being stupid, and (2), going on Big Brother, to rank higher than David Attenborough. Or even, well.... anyone else really.


Geoffrey said...

Wasn't Nelson Mandela responsible for some of the worst human atrocities ever? If so jade Goody fits into the list perfectly. We must also remember that, when polled, most people have the attention span of a goldfish and as two of the contenders have been in recent news events it's no wonder they appeared on the list!