No sign of a more tolerant Vatican

The Pope has decided to appoint Gerhard Wagner to the role of auxillary bishop in Linz, Austria. Just in case you thought in recent years the Catholic church was starting to become tame Wagner is the kind of person who says:
  • the destruction of New Orleans by hurricane Katrina was "divine retribution" for pemrissive sexuality and tolerance of homosexuality.
  • hurricane Katrina not only destroyed nightclubs and brothels but also abortion clinics (oh, and churches too, they obviously fit the same pattern)
Nice guy eh? Almost as good as the rehabilitation of Richard Williamson (by the Pope) who is essentially a holocaust denier.

Why do we think the Catholic church is an out-of-touch evil monstrosity? I wonder...


Raytheist said...

Clearly the guy is not only a jerk and sadly misinformed about Divinity's involvement with Katrina, but also very ill-informed about WHERE Katrina hit. (I lived there for Katrina and it took me 12 days afterward to get out of that mess!)

The "worst of the worst" of so-called sin and debauchery and homosexual promiscuity are in the French Quarter. The vast majority of damage was down in the Ninth Ward, over in Lake Shore, all across Mid-City, Central City, and most of the downtown-Central Business District. The French Quarter was basically unscathed.

And really, if there be a God at all, if that God really had an issue with us gay folks, surely he would have waited until the next weekend for Southern Decadence over Labor Day weekend--one of the largest, raunchiest, fun-filled Gay-Positive parties in the world--and then sent tornadoes focused on the French Quarter.