Friday the 13th

I suggest that this day is just the same as any other day, and the following will not influence whether good, or bad, things happen to you.

1. Breaking a mirror

2. Walking under a ladder

3. Friday 13th

4. Opening an umbrella indoors

5. A black cat crossing your path

6. The sight of a single magpie

7. Spilling salt

8. Placing shoes on the table or on the bed

9. Treading on cracks in the pavement

10. Walking over three drains

I mean, really? People actually believe this?


Dan Gilbert said...

I find those kinds of superstitions amusing and fun... but not real. I frequently (when there are other people around) toss spilled salt over my left shoulder or knock on wood or avoid walking under ladders. My daughter gets a kick out of it when I pretend to be all "Ooooo!" about her walking under a ladder or breaking some other classic superstition. But she KNOWS that I'm joking. If she thought it was serious, I'd be worried. ;-)